Unilock Pavers

Olde-Tyme Supply carries a variety of Unilock pavers. This is only a sampling of products to show what is available.
Each of the types of pavers below comes in many different varieties and colors within each variety. Be sure to contact us so we can show you all the different pavers available.

Unilock Select

Unilock Select pavers

From the company that changed the way North America thinks about paving comes a collection of next-generation pavers.

Unilock Select pavers, Courtstone®, Copthorne® and Richcliff® are manufactured with Ultima&trad; Concrete Technology, resulting in a product that is up to 4 times stronger than conventional poured concrete. Coupled with StayClean™ Surface Technology and the Auto-align feature, these products provide performance like no other paving stone. Copthorne®, Courtstone® and Richcliff, have been inspired by the colors and textures of natural stone and/or historic building brick /stone. We carefully take these aesthetic characteristics, which in some cases have been created by nature over thousands of years, and have crafted concrete pavers that are almost indistinguishable from the real stone yet provide all the convenience and benefits of a manufactured concrete stone. The Courtstone®, Copthorne® and Richcliff® molds have been designed so that each paver appears to have a unique surface giving you that realistic variable look. Contact us for the right Unilock Paver for your project.

Unilock Tumbled Pavers

Unilock Tumbled Pavers

Unilock introduced the first tumbled concrete paving stone in North America!

Unilock introduced tumbled concrete pavers to the landscape industry over 15 years ago with the introduction of Brussels Block®. Since then this paver has become a legend in its own lifetime and has had many products follow in it's footsteps. The word "tumbled" actually refers to the process of pre-weathering or distressing the appearance of the stone giving it a more "natural" appearance. As a result, tumbled pavers provide for a more relaxed look and feel to your home or project landscape design. The soft earthy colors that Unilock produces, allows you to subtly match the exterior of your home or building without overwhelming the intended design. By adding one or more Unilock Select products into the design of a project containing Unilock tumbled products, you can create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with accents, borders, and insets. These same borders, accents and insets can be put into a Brussels System wall for a complementing design. This is only possible with Unilock Select. Ask your landscape architect, designer or contractor for details.

Unilock Classic Pavers

Unilock Classic Pavers

Unilock is North America's Oldest Concrete paver manufacturer. Over 35 years of innovation and still leading!

Unilock classic pavers are part of our original line-up of pavers that have stood the test of time in both design and performance. Unilock classic pavers are manufactured using a high compressive concrete mix that produces a concrete paver up to 2.5 times the strength of poured or stamped concrete. That's why we offer our Lifetime Guarantee on each and every stone we make. Choose from a wide range of standard sizes and colors. When choosing a classic paver for your design, you may also want to consider incorporating Unilock Select pavers to accent or border your project

Unilock Permeable Pavers

Unilock Permeable Pavers

Unilock was the first company to introduce permeable pavers in North America and continues to lead in research and innovation. (Over 12 million square feet installed since 1991)

Unilock is North America's leader when it comes to permeable paving. We recognized the increased "green" awareness that emerged in Europe over 20 years ago and worked closely with paver designers, storm water specialists, and government agencies to come up with a series of products that meet environmental and pavement performance demands. Interlocking concrete permeable pavements are now the mainstay of sustainable design and ecologically friendly projects. With over 20 years of data and testing, designers everywhere are now embracing this proven permeable pavement design methodology, acquiring LEED® credits as they design with permeable pavements. Unilock continues to stay in the forefront with research and support of such significant organizations as USGBC (United States Green Building Council).

Unilock Industrial Pavers

Unilock Industrial Pavers

Performance and aesthetics uncompromised!

Unilock, in conjunction with our international alliance of research and design professionals, continues to be the industry leader in providing innovative architectural products and high performance industrial pavement solutions to the design professional.

Our extensive lines of industrial concrete pavers are superior to others in the industry in structural strength and in paver design. Secondly, industrial pavers from Unilock yield an infinite variety of design possibilities with opportunities to make custom colors and textures, something that is exclusive to Unilock. Further customization can be done with accenting the design with our Unilock Select pavers.

Be sure to contact us so we can show you all the different pavers available.

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